Company Profile

History: Brian MacPherson Educational Services started in 2000 providing primarily First Aid training to the general public through Community based training. Soon after I started to provide workplace compliance training and Pleasure Craft Operators training and testing. The On Site element is truly the focus of my business, I come to you to provide training, which is often more efficient then sending your people to me.

Mission: To go beyond compliance by providing the best quality and most enjoyable educational and Emergency training available and to do it all in an efficient 'On Site' platform.

Vision: That Health and Safety training be easily available to everyone on the planet.

Core Values:

Community, To me, this business is all about people, how we connect and interact with each other. We really are one big global family.

Honesty, I try my best to provide to you exactly what you want balanced with what you require in regards to your certification and compliance training, but I also recommend what I think might better suite your needs.

Equality: Brian MacPherson Educational Service is nonjudgmental and attempts to not discriminate on the grounds of race, ethnic heritage, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or socio economic back ground.

Bio: Brian MacPherson EFR. Is an Emergency First Responder, Certified First Aid / CPR, Defib instructor with the Canadian Red Cross. Brian is also certified in scuba diving with PADI & Boat Rescue with Royal Life Saving Society of Canada.

Brian also has a wealth of health and safety experience as a Certified Health and Safety member with experience as both a worker and management rep. Brian has also had training in musculoskeletal injuries prevention and ergonomic work design, comprehensive WHMIS training including train the trainer and program creation and implementation. Brian also has extensive practical leadership experience from 11 years as a Navy Reserve Commissioned Officer, including teaching Leadership and Instructional Technique (teaching others to teach).


Why Use Us

Value: We have some of the most competitive rates in the market, why? Because of our low overhead. On Site services mean we don't require a training facility which means we can pass savings on to our customers.

Quality: All of our programs meet or exceed industry guidelines and standards & can be customized to focus on what you do. I do not provide 'minimal content' or 'stripped down' courses, nor are any of my programs scripted.

Customer Service: When you deal with me you are talking to the boss, I may seem small but you get huge value. I deal with every client partner on an individual basis from initial contact and marketing through billing and follow up. This also allow for great flexibility in if required individual attention. Through my network of client partners I am often able to piggyback clients who require training and who may not be able to get it. I also am also often able to provide tutoring & sometimes one on one help.


Follow up and feedback: I employ auditing tools to manage continuous quality improvements to programs and give each and every customer partner feedback.

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